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An ultra-thin mullion LCD video wall is an array of large flat panel monitors with a gap of a mere .29" from image to image. This economical system works equally well with a video matrix switcher or one of our video wall processors. The video wall is expandable both horizontally and vertically. There are very few limitations to how wide or how tall the display area can be. No matter how wide or tall, it never gets any deeper. Visionmaster freestanding casework with mounting frames support the displays from the floor, not the walls and includes electronic racks, power and cable management, storage and exhaust fans.

VISIONMASTER Ultra-Thin Mullion Video Wall

LCD Matrix Ultra-thin LCD in custom cabinetry

Visionmaster LCD Video Wall with Desktop Image

Visionmaster LCD Video Wall with Scalable Images

The video wall processor combines the monitors into a single palette. Although images can be aligned on the individual monitors, they can also be placed anywhere - any size without limitations. Computer images, broadcast video, DVD players, cable boxes, cameras and network applications can all be shown simultaneously in scalable windows. The video wall is capable of saving numerous layouts that can be recalled through hot keys on the processors keyboard or by using a control system.

Conference Room LCD Vidoe Wall

In wall LCD Matrix Ultra-thin LCD

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  • Ultra-thin mullion LCD panels have a gap of a mere .29" between images.
  • Displays have a mean life of 50,000 HOURS and there is a minimum of maintenace.
  • LCD video walls with supporting cabinetry is on 12" deep.
  • All LCD panels have a  16:9 aspect ratio
  • Thin-mullion LCD video walls are available with 46", 52", 57", 70", 82". (Ultra thin mullions only available in 46" and 55" monitors)
  • All panels are HD resolution(1920:1080)
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